Unleashing the beauty of Nail Art Press On | The Story of Nail Curator

Unleashing the beauty of Nail Art Press On | The Story of Nail Curator

The Story of Nail Curator | Unleashing the beauty of Nail Art Press On:


Nail art press-on is not a fashion statement or a combination of conventional words. It is a combination of words that creates some confidence and happiness. It is a fashionable feature that adds more belief and happiness when we press and enjoy. That is why Nail Curator has been curating and selling nail art press-on. As a museum curator or conservator preserves and secures the beautiful, thoughtful art and rare objects out there, so does the Nail Curator. The Nail Curator has been curating and delivering unique and meaningful products that adorn and empower women.


Inspired by Greek Mythology:


  • Aphrodite - She is one of the 12 Olympian gods of Greek mythology. Aphrodite is always considered a beautiful woman and a Greek goddess revered by all for love and beauty.
    • Iris - She is the goddess of the rainbow, painted by the colors of nature, and the messenger of the 12 Greek Olympian gods. She will hold her beautiful wings, drenched in rainbow colors, and a staff or wand of her own. She is a messenger to humanity and a bridge between gods and humans, as she always conveys messages and orders from the gods to humanity.

      • Gaia - Goddess of this Earth Apart from that, she is the mother of all the creatures living on this earth: forest, mountain, sea, wave, the sand where the waves play, clouds, sky, and the source of natural beauty.

        • Hemera - The ancient Greeks worshipped her as the goddess of day and daylight. She is the source of the flourishing of the plants and the goddess who helps in the well-being of the earth. Also, Hemera is the beloved daughter of Erebus and Nyx (the foremost gods of darkness and night) and the sister of Aether (the god of light and the upper air).

          • Nyx - Nyx is the goddess of the night in ancient Greece. She is always associated with dark and unsolvable mysteries. She is noted for her shape-shifting abilities; in addition, she is a source of creating dreams in everyone's dreams. NYX is well known as a curator of dreams and nights.

              All the creations on Nail Curator were curated and inspired by Greek mythology. Every nail art press-on has its own rich background, deep meaning, and significance. Nail Curator believes that this not only ensures that our nail art press-on wearers look good but also exudes great satisfaction, a good feeling, and self-confidence.


              Empowering Women:


              Our nail art press-on will help you find your inner beauty and express yourself inside and out. We always strive to create a community that embraces their beauty, empowers women, and makes them feel like their own queens. We know the importance, and our nail art press-on will be a crowning jewel for them to do so.

              Whether you are heading to a party or on the go to a professional meeting, our product will add some sparkle to your every look and daily activity. We have curated something for everyone's preference.




              Making Nail Art Accessible to All:

              In view of the fact that we are committed to delivering a range of benefits with our nail art press-on, including professional-looking manicures in minutes, cost-effective and time-saving alternatives to salon appointments, easy application with clear instructions, and a perfect collection of stunning designs and colors to suit any personal style and any occasion, In addition, our nail art press-on will be the purest gift to show your love and care for your loved one.



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