How to use the press-on nails?

NC Adhesive Glue Strip

The Adhesive glue strip is super easy to use! Just take the individual strip that fits your nail and paste it onto your nail, peel off the plastic layer on top of it, and stick the nails onto the glue strip on your nail. You’re done in just 10 minutes!

The NC Adhesive Glue strip is a kind of double side transparent tape that you can easily paste onto your nails. The press ons should be attached on top of it.

Liquid NC Glue

Take the glue bottle and add few drops of glue onto your nail. Paste the nail on the glue and
press for 30-60 seconds so that the glue dries and the nail is strongly fixed onto your nail. This will also take you only around 10-15 minutes!

What are the items present inside an NC box?

The NC Box contains a box with the nails inside it. In addition there is also an envelope that
contains the Adhesive Glue Strip and a Bottle of Liquid NC Glue in it. There is also a small nail
art bottle that we give along with the nails, which can be used to further decorate your nails.
There will also be an instructions card and a personalised message car just for you. At NC we
value quality and quantity and provide you with the best nail experience comparable to any
high end salon!

Is it safe to use?

Yes. The nails are completely non-toxic and safely made with SDS certification. We are Vegan,
Cruelty free and 5 free (removed of the 5 main toxins in nail polish).

How long can you wear NC nails for?

The nails last for a period of 1- 5 days for the Adhesive glue strip based on how tightly you
attach the nails onto your fingernails as well as how much usage you have for your hands. For the glue, the nails last for a period of 4-12 days once again, depending on how well you attach the nails as well as how much usage you have for your hands. On instructions to make it last longer check FAQs section of our website www.nailcurator.com.

How long will the Product Last?

NC nails are made of ABS resin which is a thermoplastic polymer structural material with high
strength and good toughness. Therefore they are 100% REUSABLE. You can use them between
5-15 times based on how well you take care of them. For instructions on taking care you can
check the FAQs on our website www.nailcurator.com.

Is it Reusable?

Yes NC nails are 100% REUSABLE. They can be reused between 5-15 times based on how well
they are taken care of. This is why at Nail Curator we provide a rigid tight box which allows for
easy storage of the nails so they last you longer!

What to do if a nail breaks or gets damaged?

The nails will not break until damaged very seriously. You can handle any damage outside of
this by using a nail buff or cutting and filing the nails if the corners were damaged. You can even
paint over the nails if needed. However, a fair warning would be not to eat with your hand while
wearing the nails, as it will cause discolouration. If such discolouration occurs you can remove it
using acetone/nail polish remover.

How many back-up will I have in a set?

You will receive 2 larger nail backups in a set of 12. In a set of 24 as it contains 2 sets, you will
have 4 larger nail backups.

Is it Waterproof?

The nails are 100% waterproof and can be worn whilst washing hands, taking a shower and
even at a water theme park if they are solidly attached to your fingers. A little water actually
increases the strength between the glue and the material surface of the nails.

Is there a Return Policy?

You can check our Return Policy in the footer of our website www.nailcurator.com.

Can the same NC nail set be used by another person?

It is not advisable however, yes if cleaned thoroughly with sanitiser and the other person is
willing to wear them then there should be no issues with exchanging your nails with a friend.

Is it easily removable, or should I use an extra remover?

When using the adhesive glue strip the removal is quite straight forward, just pull out the nails.
While using the glue, you need to be careful not to damage your original nails at all whilst
removing it. Therefore, you can soak your hands in warm water for 10-20min and you will feel
the nails loosening up as you are soaking them.

Can I eat with these nails?

To prevent the nails from getting discoloured to yellow shades you will have to refrain from
eating with your hands, while you have the nails on. However, you can remove the nails before
eating and attach them back on right after. If there is any discolouration however, you can use
acetone/nail polish remover to remove the discolouration off your nails.

In one box how many stickers will I get?

In a single box you will receive a total of 24 individual strips of NC Adhesive stickers, one
sticker for each nail. Therefore, you can use the Adhesive glue strip Twice per nail box. You can
also purchase the Adhesives separately on our website www.nailcurator.com.

Will I be able to purchase just the stickers separately?

Yes you can purchase the stickers separately on our website www.nailcurator.com.

Can I use soap to clean the nails? / How do I clean the nails?

Soap is not advised, rather you can use a wet wipe or alcohol swab or hand sanitiser to clean
the nails.

How to Store the nails?

Once you are done using the nails or you feel they are loosening up, you can remove them in the
same order that you are wearing it and stick it back onto the strip inside the box. Before placing
each nail in the box you can just give it a wipe with some wet tissue, and place them back inside.

Any tips and tricks to make the Press ons last longer?

You can make them last longer by first adding the NC Liquid Glue onto your nail after that,
paste the NC Adhesive sticker on top of the glue. After pasting the NC Adhesive sticker on the
nail you can also add one more layer of liquid glue to attach the nail tightly to your fingernail,
this will allow for it to last upto 1 month!

What sizes do you have?

We have 2 sizes at this time, sizes Small (S) and Medium (M). The size chart will be present in
each individual product page. It contains size charts for both S & M along with the instructions
as to how you can measure your nails to know which size fit perfectly for you!

Can I wear these nails to work?

Yes, you can wear these nails to work, it would add a touch of professionalism and admirability
to your overall work attire.